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"Looking to Taste the Forbidden Fruit"

"They got your daughter? Terra Elizabeth Song, correct?" The woman said, gripping the prison bars. A crazy grin, matching her crazy attire appeared on her lips; watching as the Doctor grimaced in pain at the sound of being reminded his daughter was in fact kidnapped. His daughter, her husband, and his grandson, were all kidnapped. And Madame Kovarian was to blame.

The Doctor would have thought that Madame Kovarian had learned her lesson after the fact that River did NOT end up killing him, she died in an aborted timeline and well, everyone pretty much screwed her over. But no, she kidnapped his precious daughter, a part-human, part-time lord, his grandson, part-human, part-time lord. And his poor son-in-law, just a human bystander. It was truly the curse of the Time Lords. 

He looked around the series of cells he thought his family was being held in and heard a ruckus. Then came his wife running and shooting down the corridor, shooting something down like it was nothing. “River!” He shouted, “She’s not here! They’re not here!”

River ran by him and took him by the hand, “I know that, sweetie, figured that out the second I got here! Too obvious! You’re getting old on me!” She tugged him along, shooting behind them every so often and found them in a large, dark room, it echoed like an vast, deep abyss that not even the creators of it knew it’s end. 

"What is this?" River asked, looked up, she fiddled around for a flashlight and clicked it on once she found it. "How big is this thing?" She looked at the Doctor and was about to step but the Doctor stopped her.

"Don’t." He said and wrapped his arms around her wrist. "Do you have anything you don’t mind losing in that belt of yours?"

River moved her hand across her belt till she found a pen, she handed it to the Doctor and the Doctor promptly threw it up in the air, but it never dropped, even when they heard it whoosh past them. 

Suddenly lights flickered on and they had to shield their eyes, the lights being such a contrast from all the darkness they just encountered bearing too much to adjust automatically.

It was a vast large room, all metal walls and River and the Doctor found themselves standing on a platform. And then they looked up and saw them. Terra, Ty, and Terra holding little Alex.

"Mom!" Terra said with a relieved look on her face, "dad!" Terra stepped forward.

"No Terra don’t!" But it was too late. She had already taken her step.


Five minutes earlier

Terra gripped Ty’s hand slowly backing into the corner, “oh god… we need to find Alex!” And then Terra heard it. A baby crying. It was their baby boy Alex.

Terra took Ty’s hand and dragged him towards the noise, there he was being held by some woman, some tall, evil looking woman.

"There we are, little one, you’re going to be what your grandmother was trained to do. And don’t worry, you don’t even remember your parents now and what I have planned you never will." Madame Kovarian said.

Terra froze. Did that mean she was going to kill them? Oh no. Something had to be done. Terra reached in her bra and Ty gave her a confused and sorta turned on look. Terra glared up at him, “as exciting and like my mother it would be, we are not having sex in a cell, Ty.” She pulled out the sonic screwdriver that her father had once given to her mother and after rescuing her from the Library, River had given it to Terra.

Terra pushed the button and the cliche noise of the screwdriver sounded, she started searching for a way out and then the door clicked. A white room was revealed and there stood Madame Kovarian, holding sweet little innocent Alex. “You really need to learn to lock your doors better.” Terra said holding the screwdriver in hand, “give me back my son.” She said firmly.

"Not a chance, I can finally do what I’ve always wanted to. Kill the Doctor." 

Terra started to charge forward at her but Ty held her back, “you are not going to kill my dad.”

"Oh what a shame. But we all die anyways. Why should he be graced with the privilege of regenerating?"

"Because he’s a Time lord you idiot, that’s their genetic makeup!" Terra yelled. "Give me my son back or so help me god I’ll kill you." 

"I’d like to see you try." And that was all it took. Terra charged towards Madame Kovarian, she grabbed for Alex and snatched him from her arms. Kovarian stepped out of the way and Terra slid on the white slick floor and held Alex to her chest.

"It’s okay baby, mama’s got you." She kissed his head. "We’re gonna take you away from the bad lady." Terra looked at her and as Madame Kovarian picked up a gun, Terra pulled out the screwdriver and pushed a button, forcing the weapon out of Kovarian’s hands. Terra stood and as Kovarian came towards her she kicked her right in the chest, sending her down to the floor. She was unconscious. For the moment. "Ty over here! The door!" Terra soniced it open and looked at Ty, he was scratching his head.

"I’m not a mama’s girl for nothing." She said and opened the door with a smile. Terra held Alex to her chest and started running down a dimly lit corridor with Ty. "You’ve got to run faster than that, Earth Boy!" She said with a laugh.

When they stopped running, reaching the end of it, the room they entered completely dark, Ty bent over and caught his breath, “why did I marry a TimeLady.” He breathed.

"Because you love me and we made an adorable kid." She laughed and then the lights turn on, "sh….!" She almost said, then remembered she was holding her 14 month old. "God it’s bright in here… whoa…" Terra said. She looked across and saw her parents. "Mum!" She yelled with a relieved look on her face. "Dad!" And then she began to step forward.

"No Terra! Don’t!" But Terra had already stepped. She tripped and fell. against… nothing…

It was squishy. It was an illusion. Terra rolled over so she didn’t suffocate Alex and stood up, “it feels like… Play-Doh… what the hell?” She was able to walk on it as well and motioned for Ty to begin to walk with her.

River ran as quick as she could towards her daughter and her daughter’s little family. “Oh Terra I’m so happy you’re safe!” She hugged her daughter. “And oh little Alex! You brave little boy!” She said and took Alex from Terra, holding the boy to her side. “How did you escape? Didn’t Madame Kovarian?…”

"Madame Kovarian needs to learn how to travel with a posse again." Terra said with a satisfied smirk. "And this," she showed her the screwdriver, "came in handy." 

"Good." River said with a smile. She looked behind her to the Doctor, "sweetie aren’t you going to say anything?"

"I’m just… should we get out of here?" The Doctor said.

Terra nodded and took Ty’s hand, “yeah Kovarian’s just… unconscious. She should be waking up soon.”

They all nodded and made their way, “do you guys know a way out of here?” Ty asked, completely confused still. 

"Oh sweetie, haven’t you realized with us… there’s always a way out?" River said with a smirk.


Terra stood in the door frame and leaned against it, they were finally home or at least, spending the night at Terra and Ty’s house. She saw her father kissed Alex’s head and smiled, “you’re so good with kids.” She said finally breaking the silence.

"Kids are innocent. Imaginative. If their brains were fully developed academically, they could take over the world." He said with a smiled, turning around, resting a half asleep Alex against his chest, "I would have been good with you."

"I know… and I’m sorry. But can blame mum for that one. I wish that you could’ve been there for it." Terra said and took Alex from him, laying the baby in his crib, "you and mum ever thought about…"

"No. No. Far too dangerous. I guess that’s why she gave you away in the first place." The Doctor said.

Terra hugged her dad to her, “I love you dad.” She mumbled into his chest.

The Doctor kissed her head, “I love you too. My Terra.” 

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